Forgotten Realms : 1484 The Year of the Awakened Sleepers

Adventure, ANEW!
"I did NOT know, Bulletts could JUMP!"

With the carnival coming to the Delve, spirits within the community were high and a big amount of activity was going on! Tents being raised, interesting “thrill rides” being set-up and a large influx of carnies and other interesting folks seen wandering about!

After a brutal battle with a sect of Cyrists, Nazur, Xavier, Nosh and Wrenn found themselves relaxing over at Tymoras Fist. A week or so had passed, the excitement had settled down from the action, and the festivities were about to begin!

A young half-orc lad, who HEAVILY favored his mothers ORC side, had grown attached to Nazur over the last few months. The boy wished to be a druid, but alas, just didn’t really seem to have a KNACK for all things green. His heart was in it, but just not the aptitude. Naz spotted the shy lad, trying to gain his attention from the threshold of the tavern. Seeing the youths discomfort, he excused himself from the group, and stepped outside to chat with Gert.

Gert, beside himself when speaking to his hero, bowed often and called Naz a variety of interesting names. "My Lord, “Your Highness”, “Your Druidship” and of course the always popular, “King of the Green”. Gert, taught well the basics of the balance of nature by Nazur, informed the druid of some “strange things happening, out by the rocks”. By strange, “piles of dead birds, the ground trembling, stuff like that!”

Naz was concerned, and agreed to meet Gert out by the Naked Nymph Tree. The druid gathered-up the party, told him of Gerts concerns (and everyone knows Gert!), and headed to the Nymph Tree. Gert, proud to be part of the group, grabbed a stick and some stones, and lead the party off into the nearby woods. Accompanying the party was Urp, the ever popular but extremely scary bullywog. Wrenn, decided to ride his giant toad Gertrude, to work on some training commands for the amphibian.

Soon enough the party discovered the large furrows, only possible by burrowing Bulletts! Also, the exit holes, where a bullett seemed to exit it’s tunnel. Around the whole, were scattered a variety of dead birds. Odd! Intrigued, the group pushed ahead, with Xavier spotting something in the thin forest ahead. Nosh sent her owl to investigate, and party was shocked to discover, a Fomorian Giant, turned to stone! Wren, mounted upon Gertrude, quickly hopped / leaped ahead to investigate!

The party, being roughly a hundred or so yards behind, advanced cautiously.

And upon the shoulders of the giant, a kobold appeared! Wearing a black top hat, a purple cloak and waving a wand, he announced something about “Welcome to the carnival! If you’re in, you win! IF you die, well you don’t and can’t get cool stuff.” In the aftermath, the words may have been a little different, but it was close enough. The kobold, then tapped the giant with the wand, turning the stone back to flesh! The battle, was on, though the creature then disappeared from sight!

Wrenn exited off-of Gertrude, shoeing the giant toad away while throwing a spell which put him behind the giant. He cast a spell, with little effect. The giant took off towards the party! Xavier spurred his stead forward, shouting words of war and preparing himself for battle. He also dropped a BLESS on the party, which would prove to be very advantageous.

The get the giants attention, Wrenn unloaded a four charges from his Wand of Magic Missiles, striking hard and getting the beasts attention! Xavier road hard, and was able to unleash his breath of fire! The giant, seemed unimpressed. The beast then swung its’s massive morningstar twice at Wrenn, doing some serious clobbering the gnome! Bloodied, but not down, Wrenn quickly formed a new course of action.

As Nosh and Naz were contemplating how best to reach the fist, the ground shook and two Bulletts tore up and out of the earth! Riding one, was the kobold! The first Bullett leaped into the air, landing Naz and Gert! Naz avoided most of the damage, but poor Gert was was instantly slain, his little body taking enough force to cause his head to pop-off from his body!!

And the battle, from this point on, became a slug fest!

With Wrenn and Xavier facing the giant, the other fought the two bulletts and the kobold in purple! Wait, did we say kobold? Alas, it was just a spell of cloaking, for as soon as Naz struck the creature the kobold form fell away, revealing a IMP!

Wren, struck a few times managed to tumble between the giants legs, and grab the rear of its low-hanging loincloth! He scampered-up, looking to avoid blows! Xavier waded in with this wonderful blade swinging, raining blows and calling upon HOLY MIGHT for assistance! The massive beast, took little notice!

The bulletts were literally leaping and tearing up the bard and druid! Shaking of spells and blows, the creatures continued to jump and inflict damage! The two struck back with sword and spell, but at times seemed overwhelmed! Suddenly, Nosh spun a polymorph spell at one of the bullets, changing its form into a fly! The creature, zipped away! The imp, laughing with all the gusto a beast of the Hells could muster, managed to dispel the polymorph, causing the bullett to change back into its TRUE form, 20 feet above poor Urp! With one final, URP!”, the bullywog was crushed to death as the beast fell upon him! The bard, needless to say, was devastated.

Nosh managed to cast another polymorph spell, changing a bullet into a field mouse. Nazur, now in the form of a giant stag, galloped over promptly crushed the creature to death. Upon is death, it returned to its true form, though rather mangled and mutilated! The remaining bullett jumped on Nosh, crushing the bard and taking her down hard! With barely a whimper, the bard fell, and began fighting the realm of death.

But the IMP had other plans! Laughing gleefully, it pounced on the unconscious bard, shoved a fist into her mouth and proceeded to blast hell-fire directly into her mouth! The bard, her head ablaze, was instantly slain!

Trying to help, Wrenn called across the blood-filled ground for Gertrude to LEAP to the attack! To try and swallow the IMP! The giant toad was someone able to understand the command Wrenn gave it, and gleefully bounded into battle! Alas, it missed!!

Nazur, shocked, threw spells at the imp, and finally was able to literally beat the creature back to the hells in which it spawned! It disappeared with a puff of abyssal smoke and sulfur!

The bullett then stomped Gertrude, almost killing the big toad!! Wrenn quickly called out for a reptilian retreat!

Across the battlefield, the fight waged on with the giant! Wrenn managed to climb up to its face, avoiding it’s EVIL EYE innate magic naughtiness (which Xavier was able to shake-off multiple times), and hammer it with a wild magic burst of color spray!! BLINDING the creature! BUT, though blinded it still managed to grab the gnome by its throat! This was even after some-sort of wild magic surge grew the gnome to human sized!! Xavier, continued to pound the beast! Shouting encouragement to the gnome and hewing with his weapon!

Nazur was getting beaten and bloodied, so much show the druid had to shift out of his giant elk form, and back to his normal shape! He continued to fight on! With spell and spear! The bullett, continued to grind and attack the druid! Naz took a breath, and shifted back to his giant elk form to continue the fight!

Grasped in the hand of the giant, Wrenn was able to MISTY STEP his way to safety! Foiling the squeezing death the beast had in mind for the gnome!! Xavier, continued to hack away, and with one last blow, was able to slay the creature!!

The last bullett did not last long with the combined forces of the party beating on it. Within a few moments, the creature was slain.

But the sorrow for the passing of the bard was heavy! And, it was Wrenn who said, “Lets just raise her from the dead!!”

SO, off to the Shrine of Tymora, who indeed have a priest who had the power to raise the poor bard from the dead!!!! It would take some six or so days, before the bard would be fully recovered from her ordeal. NOT bad!

And the group, decided to assist the other two members brought low by the mischievous IMP! And, for nothing less than shits and giggles, they were both resurrected by the treant Alderbramble !

Urp, was pleased to find himself now in the body of a human!

Gert, was SHOCKED to awaken, an find himself now, in the body of a wood elf!

And that, is how the adventure ended for the night!

Phandalin Arrival!
Out and about!

Once in Phandalin, Sildar took the party to the Stonehill Inn. The group took two rooms, while the old fighter took one. All, needed time to recover!

While relaxing in the common room, talk of the “Redbrands”, was the most common theme. It seemed they are local thugs (or more?), who the Townmaster Harbin Wester had no real plans to stand-up to! Conversations where also heard regarding Sister Garaele over at the Shrine of Luck returning wounded and exhausted, orcs rampaging east of the Triboar Trail and the townmaster looking for a way to stop it and Qelline Alderlef’s son Carp, being accosted by more Redbrands!

Naz and Flynn decided to take some time to just study, and relax in their room while Nosh, Gavin and Xavier went out and about to do some business.

First, the goods where returned to the Lionshield Coster, and the Master, Linene Graywin (a older human woman), negotiated the parties reward with Flynn. Satisfied, the group partied ways, but no before she warns the everyone, to stay away from the Sleeping Giant tap house!

They then decided to visit the Townmaster Wester over at the Townmasters Hall. Though pressed, he tells everyone that the Redbrands are really “just a mercenary group, and misunderstood”. He does offer the party a reward for clearing the orcs off of the Wyvern Tor.

Wanting to check in at the Shrine of Luck, they come upon the young half-elven lass Sister Garaele, and note her obvious condition. Concerned, they talk with the young acolyte, who confides that she needs help. It seems, she has been tasked by her order to secure a spellbook, penned by no other than the mage Bowgentle! The information she needs, is actually held by a banshee by the name of Agatha, who can be found outside of the ruins of Cornyberry. The three adventurers discuss this, and after some banter with the half-elf decide to assist her. Garaele gives them a jeweled silver comb, to help entice Agatha to tell them of the location.

Being rather early in the day, the three set-off, heading up the Triboar Trial, encountering nothing of importance and reach the ruins of Cornyberry. There, the find the old trail to the west, heading off into the forest. Soon after entering, the come upon three orcs, who don’t notice their presence. Instead of risking prolonged battle, Nosh sleeps the three who are then easily dispatched. Flynn feels guilty, but after finding a severed head in one of the orcs bags, contends with himself that these creatures, truly are evil!

The forest grew dark and the trail went deeper into the forest. Heavy vines and thick layers of moss draped the branches, and the air was noticeably colder than it was in the ruined village. The three then spied a dome of woven branches, in the shadows with a crude door leading in. Cooler heads prevailed, and no one entered the home.

A few moments later, the a shimmering form appeared before the party, smiling in cold amusement. The once beautiful elven maiden, scowled, then waited for the party to speak. Xavier went moved to address the banshee, but Nosh stepped between the two, asking a question and offering up the jeweled silver comb to Agatha. Agatha then says, “I traded the spellbook a necromancer named Tsernoth from Iriaebor more than one hundred years ago. I’m afraid, I cannot tell you anything more.”

She gazes once more at the party, giving a soft chuckle as she touches the side of Flynns hair, leaving the cleric with a white streak of hair. Agatha, with the comb in hand, then fades from view.

Nosh, Xavier and Flynn then make their way back through the forest, having no encounters and arrive back at Phandalin. The day is late when they return to the Shrine of Luck, but Sister Garaele is glad to see them and receive the information. She then thanks them, and grants them their reward.

With the sun setting, the three decided to head to The Sleeping Giant, just to “check things out”. Approaching, three men, wearing black cloaks with red trim are leaning against the buildings front walls. Immediately, they begin taunting the party. Telling them that should leave the town. That the dragonborn was created by two little lizards screwing and that Flynns goddess is a joke. Pretty much, the fight was on after that!

The bard fired her bow, striking one of the thugs! The door to the inn slammed open, and another Redbrand strolled out and joined the fray! Four on three, but the party gave it to their foes but good! In the end, though all where wounded, all four of the Redbrands were slain. They put on their cloaks, dragged the bodies around behind the building, then entered the Giant.

A surly dwarven female eyed them suspiciously, but still served them drinks. Grista spit into a mug she was cleaning, told the three that “wearing those cloaks is a death sentence”, and told them to stay low. Flynn found that the dwarf knew little of the Redbrands, but was able to gain from the dwarf the possible location of their lair. The dwarf, told them to look into the ruins of Tresender Manor, located at the edge of town.

It was dark when the group arrived at the outer locked gate. Peeking through, it was obvious the manor was in shambles. The roof was collapsed. Windows broken with walls crumbling. Flynn, being tired, hurt and just needing a good rest, suggested that the three return to the Stone Hill Inn to recover.

It was agreed… with the three retiring for the night.

Trouble at Tymoras Fist, Day Two!

Trouble at Tymoras Fist, Day Two!

Marvelous Mack is concerned, greatly so, when the group updates him a few hours later regarding the going-ons, beneath his beloved tavern!! He tells the party that “I have no time for this, my patrons and the Delve must be protected, get down there and clean those halls out!” To sweeten the pot… he also tossed in gold. Which, is always a motivator….

Just as the party was trying to figure out what EXACTLY happened to Tana, a wee-little gnome burst in, shouting for his sister, and demanding answers! He was raving about “dreams of this”, and "I saw that 1/2 orc in THAT’, plus “WHO has SEEN my SISTER!?”.

Naz restrained himself from smushing the gnome, jerked his thumb towards the door, and muttered “follow us, we go this way.” The gnome Wrenn, decided at this time not to fire up the big 1/2 orc, and followed the party out.

Approaching the grate across the ground once more, the party discovers a new chain and padlock, had been placed. Tass easily picks the lock, and the elf Kel wraps up the 6’ piece of chain, dropping it into his adventure pack. Ready for WHATEVER, the group descends.

Huddled about the base of the stairs, Kel spots something out of place. A bottle, sitting atop a small stool with a sign which reads, “drink me.” A murmuring of various discussions breaks out, specifically should someone drink it? Cooler heads decide it’s probably not for the best, but Kel does drop the bottle into his pouch.

The first door the party opens to explore, leads to a horrifying discovery. The undead, zombie body of Tana lurches forward to attack the party! It’s obvious to all her throat was cut, and her death gruesome. Wrenn, wails and screams at the party to not harm her! Unaware, that there is no saving his dead sister Tana. Quickly, zombie Tana is cut down by the group. During the battle, Wrenn happened to set a few crates on fire, with his bolts of flame spells, causing much smoke, but little fire. On the way out of the room, Kel spikes to door, just to keep things honest!

While the party is deciding how best to raise and then move through a portcullis, Wrenn wanders away from the group and down a side passage.

A loud, “CLANG”, “THUNK” and “AHHHHHHHH” is heard, then silence from the passage Wren walked down. Responding cautiously, they find that the gnome had fallen into a pit trap, with the floor lined with spikes. Wrenn, was unmoving, and dying. Kel used a rope to get down to the gnome, and once he was rescued, Nosh healed him up. The party decided at that time to not keep splitting-up, a safety in numbers thing.

Heading back to the portcullis, the party moved into an large room, broken up by small cells, or possibly stalls along the walls. Thankfully, they were not surprised as giant beetles (about the size of a pony), crawled toward them with giant pincers! Tass was a wee-bit traumatized by the sight, recalling a run-in with a giant crab which went poorly for him, but he pulled through and leaped to attack! As a matter-of-face, everyone jumped on the nasty big beetles, slaying them with only minimal wounds to the group. Kel had a thought, and took time to cut of the beetles caprice, to possibly forge into some kind of armor down the road. While he was doing his cutting, the group moved into a large room behind, with a large ceiling above. Exploring through, stone doors were found at the far end, with a balcony roughly ten fee above, overlooking the chamber.

Everyone fell back as Kel finished up, and turned to re-enter the large room. Imagine the groups surprise, as two giant spiders, descended from above and attacked as they walked through the door! Spider ichor is spilled, poison is spit, blood splatters and the group wipes out the two creatures!

As soon as the adventuring party clears the doorway entering the vast chamber, the stone doors on the far side bang open, and a hoard of zombies emerge, stumbling towards the group!! Swords are drawn, harmonicas put away, spells are slung and rotting body parts are severed! Maybe not in that order, but the fight is brutal! ADD to this, a nasty spell caster appears on the stone balcony above, and and begins to cast a spell of possible death, mayhem an destruction!

Nosh hits him with an arrow disrupting the caster, and the combat becomes fast and furious! Wrenn makes his way to the balcony to engage the spell tosser, while the remainder of the party fights the undead! Nosh, armed with a dagger which seems to do extra damage to these creatures, wades in and starts stabbing! Kel the Ranger, engaged by two, attempts to swing his chain in a wide arc (the one recovered from the grate), to entwine his foes! Naz casts a few druids spells, and while spectacular, miss the enemy spell caster. So, he decides to stop fooling around, and transforms himself into a dire wolf! He then leaps across the battlefield and UP onto the balcony! Tass, never one to fear the undead, nimbly darts about the area lunging and slashing with his blades.

Wrenn the Sorcerer, who rather enjoys fire spells, alters the battle using, Tides of Chaos, which now may cause his spells to possibly go wild! His spell goes off, damaging the foe just as Naz lands and promptly bites the enemies head clean off!!! The head flies across the balcony, while Wrenn blows a wild surge which now enables Naz to fly!

Down on the main floor, Kel succeeds in wrapping the chain around the two zombies, and then PULLS them to floor!!!! Literally flying off the balcony, Naz, gets back into the lower floor battle slaying a zombie, Nosh kills another, while Wren casts a spell which goes wild! A column of fire erupts AROUND the gnome! When the fire dies down and smoke clears, all that can be seen is his crumpled form, and the smell of burnt gnome hair filling the air.

The final two zombies, being prone and wrapped in the chain are quickly dispatched, with the bard racing quickly to the dying Wrenn, administering potions of healing. The gnome, missing eyebrows, survived!

The party, though battered, is victorious after the zombie melee! A quick search of the room the creatures poured forth from has little in it, but on the body of the dead spell user, a note is found! Within the letter, it is said that the cult must flee the grounds as quickly as possible, taking those who they can for slaves. They were to report to someone named Glasstaff, found in a small hamlet just outside of Leilon, southeast of Neverwinter.

Smiling, except for Wrenn because of the death of his sister, the group made their way back through the complex, re-locking the grate and reporting to Mack all of what happened. Mack, immediately concerned, contacted Dovetail, to see just what needed to be done next.

Probably, a journey to Phandelver.

Trouble at Tymoras Fist
Things that go BUMP in the night...

Trouble at Tymoras Fist

Tymoras Fist is the place to be in the Delve, for great music and well priced drinks. Though, “the Fist”, is more of a true tavern than a inn. For those needing an inexpensive place to stay during the night, a comfortable communal loft is available. The tavern is run by a retired cleric of Tymora, “Marvelous” Mack, who was blessed by his goddess while delving in a dragons lair. After that adventure, he decided to retire to the Delve. When pressed, Mack gives few details on the entire episode.

But Mack was concerned, at late at night for the past few weeks, had been hearing odd sounds throughout the common area of the Fist. Maybe moans? Chains rattling? Odd sounds? He could no immediate evil, haunts, ghost or general "nastiness’ within his tavern, but had long learned, better to be more safe, than sorry. He decided, to hire out some local sell swords and magic slingers.

So the intrepid band of adventurers, made up of Nazzur, Noshdalynn and Tass, were asked to “check things out around the place” by Mack. For some extra “nastiness” if combat was found, wee-gnome by the name of Tana “Ferret” of Clan Gillush, was also invited to tag along.

It was decided that the common room should be extensively searched, and so it was done by the party. The elf Tass was pleased to discover loose bring in the back of the fire place, which he deftly removed but was saddened that nothing of interest was found in the hole! But, Nosh found a secret, long forgotten as well as the triggering mechanism to open it! It looked to be, a rather well crafted part of a secret door! Alas, in her excitement to open said panel to release the door, she triggered a old needle trap! Thankfully, the poison had lost much of its potency, but it still managed to sicken the bard, knocking her unconscious!

At first, amongst the pandemonium and chaos of the bard going doing (slight frothing at the mouth), no one could think of how best to help her. But, it was realized that berries harvested during a previous adventure, had special properties which would neutralize the poison. The berries were applied, and the bard, awoke. She healed-up by potions, and the party moved through the door.

Beyond the taproom, through the much secret door, the party entered into a dank, dark, musty smelling, long forgotten chamber. The room, held a few surprises… The first, were survivors of a caravan who had secretly been brought into the Delve! All were found chained in old alcoves, with their arms above their heads. Thinking to show the party her prowess with weapons, Tana flung her gnomish Manriki-quasari at the first prisoners chains. Unfortunately, her throw was off. Way off. And the weapon struck the helpless prisoner across his chest, nearly killing him! Eyes wide with fear but gagged and unable to talk, he poor soul struggled to avoid another attack, with the deep wound oozing blood done the front of his body. Tass intervened, and attempted to pick the manacle locks. Failing miserably, his lock-picks broke while attempting the deed. Surprising everyone, Nosh picked the manacle with her dagger. The prisoner, dropped to the floor weeping….

The second prisoner found, was also chained in a alcove. Once more Tana attempted to user her weapon to free the prisoner from his bonds, and once more she missed and struck the captive. Deciding to stop while she was ahead, the half-orc Nazur stepped up, and using his strength, managed to break the shackles with his bare hands! The final prisoner, an elf, with eyes wide started to plead with Tana to not use her weapon to try and free him! Once more, the 1/2 orc was easily able to use his strength to free the elf.

Nosh took the two freed captives back to the taproom, making sure they were safe and secure, while the elf introduced himself as the ranger Kelendor Savano, who was tasked with escorting the small caravan. He informed the group that mages used spells to subdue the other guards, while using clubs to finally subdue him. Borrowing a sword from Tass, both elves moved around the corner to see what would come next.

Three giant centipedes moved to attack, but the two elves easily dispatched the pests. By now, Nosh rejoined the party and the group moved to explore the forgotten chambers beneath the tavern.

It did not go well.

Proceeding through the first part of the area, the group stumbled upon a group of men wearing black cloaks with red piping, who quickly sprung to attack. The fight was fast an furious, with the party easily overcoming their foes. In a home off this chamber, the elf Kel found his gear, along with some other crates from the caravan. Feeling somewhat more “himself”, the elf moved to the front of the party.

While Kel was donning gear, Naz and Nosh moved down a flight of stone stairs to investigate. Unfortunately, when they reached the bottom of the steps, the floor gave away, dropping them into a 20 foot pit! The walls, smooth and un-climbable. In the center of the floor was a small, round hole. The other members of the party, heard the commotion, and carefully made their way down the stairs and saw the challenge. Which, grew more severe as a greenish, chlorine type-mist started billowing out of the hole.

Panic ensued, and it was finally decided to drop a rope down into the pit to assist Naz and Nosh. The two, escaped the pit before the chlorine could cause them any harm.

The party battled another group of brigands, slaying all but one, whom they tied-up. They then found a crate of black cloaks with red piping, donning them to allow them to move, hopefully, “incognito” throughout the lair. A door was found, locked, and Tass attempted to open the door.


Magical runes exploded in the elfs face, severely injuring, but not killing or knocking him unconscious. The elf, had no good way to try and deal with the door. The runes. BUT, he felt he had to give it one more try! Possibly, once the runes were triggered, the door could be open. Tass attempted to open the door, once more.


Once more, the rune exploded, dropping the elf to the floor! The group decided enough was enough! They healed-up Tass as best as possible, getting him back to consciousness. Exploring for just a bit longer, stairs leading up and out were found. It was decided that the group would exit, take a rest and figure things out.

A large grate was blocking the exit, at the top of the stairs. The half-orc Naz reached up with one hand, and easily broke the lock, allowing the party to exit.

Upon exiting, the group saw this grate was next to impossible to see even standing close to it! The grate was amongst various size stones and boulders, flush on the ground, plus surrounded by tough thorns and thickets. The group moved back to the tavern, but most failed to notice that Tana, decided to "sneak’ back down to take care of the prisoner they had left tied-up after the last fight.

An hour or so passed by as the group recovered, Tana did not return….

The adventure ended for the night.

Adventure Two
Into the Great Wide Open!

Gordo Dovetail was concerned, with the rumors and talk of the war engulfing the Silver Marches to the East. Orcs, goblins, orogs rising up, with the gossip pointing towards drow being behind everything with even assistance from white dragons!

The fear, or better yet, the concern, was that the local scattered goblinoid tribes would attempt to do the same thing, or possibly even move to assist those battling in the Kingdom of Laruar. From what was heard, this type of action could more than tip the scales in the orcs favor.

To ensure all was possibly “normal” in the area, Dovetail decided to send out a handful of scouts. Their orders, were easy enough. DO not engage, simply observe and report. As it was, there were three rather green adventurers, who could lend their skills to just such a task. On the down side, they did not know the small valley Gordo wanted to send them into. But, this was easily fixed by providing them with a young half-orc druid by the name of Nezzer, who was studying under the watchful eye of the legendary druid Legion Bearclaw, who would act as their guide.

Early the next day Tass, Nosh and Gavin headed-out, led by Nezzer. Riding horses were provided, as well as a few days worth of supplies.

Within a few hours, the party found themselves within the fey woods which twisted and turned throughout the valley area. Nothing was amiss, until the party stumbled across a wide swatch of torn-up ground, generally leading in the same direction as they were traveling! Nezzer was concerned, explaining that the ground being torn-up, was more than likely caused by a large burrowing creature, called a “bulette”. A few less educated people, also called these creatures “land sharks”. Nezzer thought it wise to change their course to avoid possible confrontation, and the party did.

Moments after changing course, Nosh riding in the rear of the line, glanced behind her and noticed a black, diving shape plummeting towards the group with the sun behind it. She managed to shout a warning to the party, while firing her crossbow, striking the creature! To all, it had the sinister look of a dreaded wyvern! It hovered over the party, biting and clawing, slashing at those on horseback! In the midst of the wild carnage, Nezzer realized the beast was not a wyvern as first thought, but a unholy conjured, darken beast! Shouting this out, the group attacked with renewed vigor, eventually slaying the creature. A cheer went up, and before the startled eyes of the those watching, the darken beast reverted to it’s true form! That, of a dairy cow.

Jokes were made about cooking steaks, but it was decided it was best to heal-up as best as possible, and continue on.

Soon after, a centaur patrolling this part of the forest made his presence known, warning the group of a bulette in the area, as well as some odd activities going on down by an area known as “the spire rocks”. Possibly, gobins and orcs were up to something. Nezzer was somewhat familiar with this location, and told the centaur (who had introduced himself as Fesik), that they would look into this. Fesik told them when they discovered what was happening, to look him up over in the Wood Elven village of Tall Trees, nestled to the south west in a large stand of Shadowtop trees.

Within the hour, the party fell into battle with a patrol of gnolls. Spells flew, swords flashed and Nosh spooled up some Bard tunes to inspire the party! Nezzer unleashed his Thorn Whip spell, while Gavin blasted bolts of Eldritch magic! Tass, danced among the tree limbs, firing his bow with deadly accuracy! When the fur, blood and dust settled, all in the patrol had been dispatched with scattered wounds throughout the adventuring party.

Continuing deeper into the forest, the party stumbled across a simple stone hut, surrounded by a circular of thick Briarbrambles. Large purplish berries could be seen among the deadly looking thorns, with Nosh deciding to summon her Unseen Servant to help her gather the rare fruit. A small tunnel, leading through the thorn patch, was also discovered during this time. With the call of the stone hut proving to be to much of a temptation (and after experimenting with trying to destroy the bramble patch with no success), Gavin, followed by Tass, crawling through to the other side. Each, were instantly paralyzed by ancient protection magics which had been cast upon the area around the hut.

A wood elf, who had been watching the spectacle, moved out of the woods introducing himself to Nosh and Nezzer as simply, “Silvers”. With the help of Silvers, the two paralyzed party members were “recovered”, with no harm done. Other than the hour or so it took for the two to regain the movements of their various body parts!

Silvers then said he too was concerned about the goblin and orcs in the area, and volunteered to accompany the group to the “Spire Rocks” to see just what was going on. He informed them he knew of a shortcut which would involve passing through a small cavern complex, plus it had the benefit of providing cover while approaching the area. All agreed to this course of action, and the party continued on towards the Rocks.

Traveling no ore than a twenty minutes or so, the group was set-upon by a patrol of bugbears! This battle almost overwhelmed the party, with Silvers being knocked to the ground not once, but TWICE! Only the healing the potions of the party, administered throughout the fight, kept the young wood elf alive! The party, was also gravely wounded, and decided to take a short rest after the horrific battle with the beasts!

After the Bugbear battle, the passage through the tunnel proved uneventful, with the exit putting them behind a large cascading waterfall cavern. A longer rest was taken, re-vitalizing the party and preparing them for whatever was about to happen next. The horses where left here, weapons were readied and everyone moved out.

Rounding the corner through the trees, the group was left speechless by the sight before them. Two goblins standing next to two giant worgs faced the Spire Rocks, as well as two brutish orcs! Kneeling before the Rocks (which looked like a crude hand, the Spires being the fingers and the open palm a sort-of alter), was a drow! He was deep into a ritual spell, which was causing him to emit some sort of foul darkness out of his entire body! This darkness, was billowing up into the clear blue sky, twisting and spreading! Leaving a inky, dull light as it seemed to absorb almost all of the light!

The party knew they had to strike quick, while the drow was deep within his ritual. It was hoped, that until the ritual was complete, that the drow would be unable to move or take any sort of hostile action towards them!

Nosh started the battle by throwing a sleep spell against the goblins, orcs and worgs! She knew, she had no chance of affecting the drow. She was startled to see, ALL of her targets, fall to the ground asleep!

The party rushed in, quickly killing the goblins, then the orcs. Working fast, they then teamed up and managed to kill the worgs just as they were awaking from the magic! Silvers threw a cone of fire at the drow, but a shield of sorts, absorbed the magic! Gavin then threw his Eldritch blast, and it too was absorbed! But, the damage was enough to overcome the drows magic, dropping it!

Wasting no time, the druid struck with his Thorn Whip, while Nosh fired her crossbow! All scored wicked hits! The drow rose to unleash his blades, when Tass leaped in with his short sword and dagger flashing! Maybe guided by the GODS, or just Tymoras luck, he scored a thundering hit with both blades, laying the drow low!

Amazed, the group looked about, but there were no more foes to battle.

The group burned the bodies and looted the camp, heading back to Wood Elven village of High Trees. Once in the village, they were given tokens by the wood elves, showing each of them as an “elf friend”, for recognizing their achievement in stopping the drow and his summoning.

Thankfully, the journey back to see Gordo at the Twilight Hold was uneventful, with the mage shocked by all that had transpired!

The party, currently is at rest within the Twilight, taking advantage of all the comforts that are located there and within in the hidden valley.

Adventure One (cont)
ACT III Back into the SKY! But in a GOOD way....

The party found itself battered, wounded and needing a rest. It was decided to take a rest, and recover from their time in the cave, and the attack of the giant crab! The campsite was secured, and a few comfortable days were spent outdoors camping.

On the third night, a bright fire lit-up a portion of the night sky! A odd “ooooosh” sound could be heard, followed by the flames! This “thing”, continually moved towards the clearing the party was encamped in!

Nosh figured it out first! IT looked to be some-sort of giant hot air balloon, with a small ship hanging beneath it! As this contraption approached, it then hovered over the clearing, and dropped an anchor! Below the ship, a “gnomevator” dropped to the ground, and a wild looking gnome disembarked to introduce himself!!!

He stated Fillister Underthump (Fill to his friends), and that he was fleeing the upheaval and orc wars going on over in the Silver Marchers! He informed the party that “giants, orcs, goblins, drow and even DRAGONS” were on the move against the human and dwarven settlements with the kingdom! He was on his way to warn some of the outlaying areas of civilization on the Sword Coast, being that he feared the local tribes might be motivated to rise up and also start causing problems!

His airship was damaged, and he needed a few days to repair, he welcomed the group aboard, and asked if they would not mind providing security for his airship, as well as helping with repairs. Gladly, the party accepted!

The ship, proved to be a treasure house of the exotic! Telescopes! Globes! Books! Plush chairs and plusher beds! A small library! Fantastic food! And the gnome, was full of abundant information regarding the war to the east. It was during this time, that the group decided to send out some patrols, just to ensure the safety of the airship.

On the first patrol, Gavin, Nosh and Tass came across a worg with a goblin rider, who seemed to be accompanying an orc scout! Combining their combat resources, they group managed to achieve surprise, and within the first few rounds of combat slew the worg! They quickly dispatched the goblin and the orc afterwards. After this, a tighter watch was maintained in the area!

It was about this time that a pesky fairy started having fun with Tass. It almost convinced the elf, to strike his face into a rock in the side of the hill! It played numerous practical jokes on the party, and finally lost a riddle contest, so she promised to behave.

On another patrol, another orc was discovered observing the ship! Once more, surprise and and a focus of firepower, slew the vile creature!!!

It was at this point, that it was decided that it would be best to move out of the area. The airship was repaired enough, that the final leg of the flight to the Twilight Tower, could be made.

And this is where the first adventure concluded, with the party meeting Gordon Dovetail and being invited to stay and rest with the Twilight Tower.

Adventure One (cont)
ACT II - Down into the Depths!

After a slight pause outside of the cave to update their fellow party members, the group decided to forge ahead, BACK into the darkness!

Passing through the first outer chamber, nothing was found amiss except for the rather large, dead spider. Forging ahead with Tass in the lead and Oskar bringing up the rear, the next chamber revealed a even LARGER web, with a even BIGGER spider! The battle was fast and furious, with no one taking any wounds and the spider quickly being laid-low.

Within the strands, a large web cocooned shape was discovered back in the shadows. Once the strands were cut free, a young human male was revealed, with a pair of startling, ice blue eyes! He introduced himself as “Gavin”, and was thrilled to discover that most of his gear was scattered around the web. Gavin quickly fell in with the party, to try and discover not only what was in the cave, but how to get off of the island.

Cautiously moving deeper into the cave, the party discovered a winding tunnel moving deeper into the earth. Nervous, yet feeling confident they continued to move forward. Within a few hundred yards, the passage split to the right and left. The left, the faint smell of salt water could be detected. The group, decided to head down the right hand passage.

Within a few hundred feet, the dwarf Oskar noticed a cleverly concealed hidden door with the wall. Tass inspected it, and detecting no traps managed to spring the door open. Beyond the door, a perfectly carved tunnel could be seen. On the floor, the walls and ceiling just inside the passage (roughly 5 feet wide), runes could be seen engraved into the stone. The party nimbly jumped across the runes set into the floor!

At the end of the hallway, a door blocked their way. Once more, the elf Tass checked it, and finding no traps, opened the door. At this time, the runes back behind the party “blinked”, and giant pile of RATS appeared with in the hallway! The battle was quick, bloody and fierce, with a few bitten, but none brought low by the rat hoard!

Through the door a few large chambers were discovered, along with a rather interesting beetle whose rear-end glowed red! A giant Fire Beetle, which did not bother the party, but instantly caused the gnome Bunglestump to bring out his notebook to start make observation scribbles! During this part of the exploration, the runes flashed once more, bringing forth another large pile of rats! Noshdalynn the Bard engaged them in savage battle, while Gavin hit them with bolts of frost and Oskar picked them apart with his crossbow! The battle, though furious, was quickly over with no one being gravely injured.

A few minor trinkets and treasure was discovered throughout the area, and a side door was discovered that could prove interesting! Alas, as Noshdalynn opened the door, giant centipedes lashed out to strike her face! Thinking fast, she was able to slam the door shut, before any could latch onto her and cause her harm. How best to explore this room, the party wondered? Ah, let’s send in Badgers owl!

The owl flew into the room to take a quick look, but alas, things did NOT go as planned. The owl, was paralyzed, and then eaten by the centipedes. Badger was no himself for the remainder of the adventure, as one would expect from such a traumatic experience!

Deciding to just LEAVE this area, the group moved back into the cavern hallway, continuing away from the smell of the salt water.

They soon entered a large chamber, and stumbled into a large, goblin-like skeletal zombie! The battle was fierce, but through serious spell and sword play, the creature was laid low. Treasure was gained, and the group found this area a dead end.

With but one way to travel, all moved back towards to the smell of the sea water.

A large, underground lagoon was soon discovered, with a giant dead crab on the shore. Towards to left of beach, a elevated rocky area could be seen. Exploring this, the party discovered a small camp, possibly that of the captain.

As the groups attention was focused on the rocks, a giant crab emerged from the lagoon, attacking Tass! The poor elf, was almost torn in half by the giant claw! If it wasn’t for the quick thinking party throwing a hail of crossbow and magic bolts at the creature, the elf would have been slain for sure!

Soon after, the ships grateful captain was found and the small area was explored. A half-sunk rowboat was seen, and investigated by Noshdalynn. She stumbled across a dead body in the water, and quickly climbed back onto the rocks!

A gate was stumbled upon, a odd “key” which was discovered on the dead zombie-goblin-skeleton, activated the portal.

The party, leaped through, finding themselves in the middle of a pristine, elven glade.

The adventure, concluded.

Adventure One
ACT I - Getting There Is Half the Fun!

The Captain & the Crew

The morning dawned crisp and clear; Captain Amular Crestwave was looking forward to an early departure, his cargo, all living. Not, that Captain Crestwave avoided moving textiles and other goods from Waterdeep to Daggerford, but these types of runs, paid better. Less work, more coin. The weather looked remarkably calm for the next few days. In his experience, this was always a positive thing, because those sailing, did NOT have the look of a group with sea going experience.

Standing on the deck of his double masted schooner the Ladys Leap, Crestwave glanced about and saw his crew busily preparing to set sail once the guests arrived. The half-orcs Cruxx and Servious (also called “three fingers”), where checking the rigging while the first mate Bright, set-up the small guest quarters below deck. Minzi Task, his helmswoman, was double checking her charts before the Leap set sail. Chuckling to himself, Crestwave thought about the comments commonly made against his crew. Made-up of all humans and two half-orcs, they raised more than a few eyebrows while docked in the many ports along the Sword Coast.

“Well, they might not have their sea legs, but at least they arrived on time”, Crestwave thought as he watched the group of four, warily approach the schooner.

This, IS the SHIP?

Four very different individuals, stood at the base of the gangplank looking up at the double masted schooner, each preparing to take their first sea journey on the Sea of Swords. Oskar Frostbeard, the rather gruff and hairy dwarven ranger, voiced his thoughts first. “I, don’t like boats. Or water. Or things that are on the water.”

The rather excitable and quick to question gnome, “Badger” Bunglestump, simply smiled, quickly making his way up the gangplank. The dwarf, sighing, followed him on board.

That left standing on the dock the elf Tass Burrfoot and the half-elven lass of Waterdeep, Noshdalynn Rohann. The two simply shrugged their shoulders, quickly making their way up the gangplank. Once aboard, Cruxx removed the plank while Bright, escorted the guests below deck to their quarters.

A small, 10×10 portion just below deck, had been prepared for the guests. Simple canvas hammocks had been strung, with crude lockers being made available for each party member to stow their gear. Bright then rounded up each person, once they had settled in, giving them a quick tour of the ship before the lines were cast-off. On schedule, the Ladys Leap made her way out of Waterdeeps harbor.

Sunny Skies and Leaping Dolphins

Bright skies and star filled nights accompanied the Leaping Lady as she skimmed quickly along the Sea of Swords, making her way towards the city of Daggerford. During the day, those crew members not involved with shipboard duties fished and relaxed, while the traveling party enjoyed the sites, the weather, the seas and the dolphins which followed behind the vessel. Unfortunately, the meals were rather common, consisting of hard biscuits and gravy washed down with grog, but there was plenty of food available. At night while on deck, the constellations were easily seen, with the stars reflecting upon the calm surface of the water.

While Tass, Nosh and Oskar generally kept to themselves, Badger kept himself rather busy. The young gnome inspected the bilge, the main mast, the spar, the anchor, the stich on the sails, the different types of ropes, anchor winch, the wheel and the compass. He then found himself engrossed for two solid nights, trying to figure-out all of the seaman knots he was shown by Cruxx and Servious. It was noticed by everyone, that throughout the day as well as the night, a constant lookout was maintained for pirates.

Neon Green, Is NOT a Natural Color

It was during the middle point of the voyage, when things took a turn for the worse. During the evening, an unnatural storm kicked out of the south. The schooner began to rock violently back and forth, while blinding rain slashed out of the neon green sky! In the middle of this, the four below deck awoke to the sounds of howling wind, ripping sails and shouts being carried away by the storm up on deck. The hammocks were swaying so severely, that Nosh and Tass became entangled and crashed to the deck while trying to get up!

Oskar was the first on deck, and from what he could see, things looked grim indeed. The wind seemed to shift on its own, howling in from one direction and then another in the blink of an eye. The sky above was lit by a swirling vortex of clashing neon colors, first green followed by purple and then red. While bracing himself on deck, the dwarf was startled to see both Cruxx and Servious intentionally leap, over the rail and into the storm tossed seas!

Quickly after this, Bright handed the dwarf a stout line, telling him to “NOT let go at ANY cost!” Unfortunately, the storm and the seas quickly started pulling the dwarf across his deck, towards a potentially painful meeting with the mainmast and his face. Oskar, wisely, let go of the rope. Cringing, he waited for something to happen. Oddly…. Nothing WORSE than what was already happening, happened.

Badger made it to the deck, discovering that it was REALLY not a fun place to be. The slashing, blinding wind made it difficult to see, and the pitching deck was dangerous. The gnome decided to summon his owl familiar, to assist him in this dire time of need! The gestures where made, and the owl appeared! And, just as quickly, the savage blowing gales of wind swept the owl, pinfeathers and all, off into the raging blackness. Badger dismissed the familiar.

It was at this time, that Oskar and Badger decided to head back below deck.

Nosh had untangled herself from her hammock, and assisted Tass with getting out of his. The two stumbled out and up from below deck, arriving into the very heart of the unnatural storm. As Nosh peered around to try and see, well SOMETHING, a wild swinging line lashed out of the darkness towards her face. Nimbly, she caught and then secured the loose rigging. With the two just standing in the blinding rain, they saw both Badger and Oskar attempting to make their way towards them. They assisted their friends, and all decided to take shelter, back below decks.

Which, turned out to be a mistake.

By this time, though none would have believed it just twenty minutes ago, the storm grew more severe. The ship was not simply rolling; it was spinning and rocking from one severe angle to the next. Below deck, it was intolerable. Badger quickly became seasick, vomiting up a rather large amount of food, that he couldn’t recall eating. It was decided for safety, to gather up on deck, not only for safety, but to try and assist the ship’s crew.

The group fought their way across the pitching deck and through the turbulent rain, eventually reaching the ships wheel. The sky above was even more chaotic in appearance, with waterspouts now dancing around the ship. The caption was muttering about a portal, and words about “the Booty”. Oddly enough, Oskar knew of this legend, and through the howling winds informed those around him of a lost pirate atoll, accessed by passing through a type of storm gate! Unfortunately, other than knowing the name of the last pirate from the atoll, Oskar had no other useful information. The dwarf did share the name; it was the notorious goblin pirate, Funkster Deathblade.

And with those words said, towering columns of water smashed into the ship from four different directions.


The party awoke on a piece of floating ships wreckage. Thankfully, no one was injured, but the disorientation was more than overwhelming. Around the four, bits and pieces of the ship floated. Small, bits and pieces of the ship, with no sign of the crew anywhere around them. To the front, roughly 100 or so yards away, was an atoll. Not tropical, but small and wooded. A single, long jetty pier reached out like a finger into the harbor. Towards the back of the pier, the group could see a handful of roofless, old buildings. The area, looked long abandoned.

Oddly enough, the luck of Tymora was with the party, and the decking of the ship which held their gear, floated no more than 20 or so yards away. All but the gnome, jumped into the clear water to swim over and regain the groups gear. Oskar, weighted down, made the swim, but needed assistance from Nosh to get onto the wreckage. It was at this time, that Badger noticed the large reef sharks, swimming through the water towards them.

The gnome gave notice, then cast one of his simpler magics. A bolt of flame leapt from his hand, flashing out and striking a shark as it swam along the surface of the water. The bolt, seemed to inflict just enough damage, as to drive the shark away! Noshdalynn brought her light crossbow into the fight, taking steady aim and delivering a devastating attack! The second shark was driven away, but the third and final, continued to towards the party on the wreckage! Badger again wove another fire spell, with the bolt arching out and striking the final shark. As with his first attack, this caused enough injury to the shark, to drive it away.

The group decided to paddle towards the atoll, before any more sharks were attracted by their activities. Oskar drew his axe, quickly chopping four planks from the wreckage to be used as paddles. Badger looked at the plank, smiled and weaved another spell, conjuring a semi-transparent hand. This “hand”, then took the plank, and paddled for the gnome. Heads were shaken, but no comments made. With very little effort, the party put ashore by the jetty.

That GUY with the KNIFE

The four quickly took stock of their situation. It sucked. On a pirate atoll. No boat. No way to get out of here. Maybe a weeks’ worth of rations. It was decided to explore, and check out the abandoned buildings. Oskar and Tass, quickly and silently made their way towards the first abandoned building. Oddly enough, the dwarven ranger, proved to be JUST as silent, as the cunning elf! The two, encountered no problems approaching an open window, and peering in. What they saw, was rather startling!

A very dark tanned, human sat at a table. He wore only simple breeches, and he stared at the table in front of him. His most interesting feature, besides the deep tan, was his red hair. His wild, red frizzed out hair easily fell to the middle of his back. But, it didn’t stop there! Like a blossoming red halo of frizz, it branched out and reached around his head! Almost, like it was pulling itself into some type of orbit. Truly, a site to see!

Dwarf and elf, looked at each other, and then shrugged. Tass decided to boldly stride through the front door, while Oskar kept him covered with his light crossbow from the window. Back on the beach, Badger summoned his owl, and silently commanded it to fly over and look down into the ruins of the tavern.

Entering the ruined tavern, the elf spied the tanned, frizzed-out hair human who gazed intently at him. The human then drew a wicked looking knife made of fishbone, and started carving on the cable. The elf, stared at the human. The human, stared at the elf. The dwarf, stared at everyone. The owl, stared down from the sky, staring into the ruins. Nosh, stared at the gnome and kept poking him, trying to get his attention. The gnome blinked, smiled, and then said to Noshdalynn, “there’s another person in the tavern out of sight. He’s big, bald, tattooed with runes across his skin, and we’d best head that way!” Agreeing with the gnome, the two headed toward the tavern.

“GUS!” shouted out the red haired man. “MY NAME, is Gus.” He then stuck the knife into the table top, leaving it to quiver. “By chance, would you have any food?” Tass felt rather bad for the man, and though unsure about the fish knife, handed him some food and water. Gus smiled, started to eat, and called for a “thing” named “PIKER!”

After a few shouts, still no one appeared. By then, Nosh had taken up a position with Oskar by the window, preparing her crossbow. Badger, strolled into the front of the tavern, approaching Gus. It was at this time, that “PIKER” made his appearance, the tattooed man. Hulking, big and bald, Piker strode into view and stopped. He gazed at the elf and gnome, and then repeated his name three or four times, at different volumes. He then smiled, casting a spell which seemed to activate a rune on his forearm. He smiled once more, and spoke.

“My apologies, Gus and I have been here for some time. My name, is Piker. Do you have any extra food?” Upon seeing that Piker and Gus intended to mean no harm, Oskar and Nosh joined everyone in the ruins of the tavern. Food was shared, with the group attempting to find out, just what exactly was going on here on the atoll. Piker, did all of the talking.

“You see, the atoll has been abandoned from almost twenty years, since the sea gate became corrupt destroying vessels attempting to get here. Gus, and myself have been stuck. Now, we’ve been getting by. But, be warned, there is a small clan of goblins, left over from Funksters Deathblade crew, who continue to search for his treasure. I believe, there is a cave of sorts close by, which may hold answers. We have not attempted to delve ourselves. The goblins, and some of the other creatures on this atoll, do not bother us. But, the cave may hold answers for you. Also, Gus did see a few others, possibly from your ship, swim ashore. We’ve not seen them here, which lead us to believe, they may be out in the woods around here.” Piker then took the party out through the back of the ruins, showing them an old, overgrown trail. “This, may take you were you need to go”. He then, returned to eat with Gus.

The party, gathered their gear then moved off into the forest, and up the path.

Things that GO BUMP in the NIGHT

Within a quarter of a mile, Oskar came across an old goblin trail marking. “Safe passage” he told his fellow adventurers. Not being exactly sure HOW safe, everyone prepared weapons and spells, and continued on. Possibly another quarter of a mile down the path, the dwarf spotted a second goblin trail marker. Oskar peered at it intently. “I can’t read it”, he said sheepishly.

“NO problem” Badger spoke up, it says “Hidden Location”! The gnome then summoned his owl, sending it aloft. He focused, taking over the bonded mystical creature and peered through its eyes. “OK! I see a cave, just ahead, through these trees!” Oskar and Tass moved out ahead of the group, with Badger and Nosh supporting them. The party carefully stepped through the trees and out of the forest, with the cave opening looming up in front of them.

Oskar and Tass, decided to use some stealth, and moved silently into the cave. The change from the light outside to the darkness within, proved to cause a problem. The problem, being the large spiders web which took up half of the cavern inside! Oskar avoided being stuck, but the elf, not so much. Once the elf was stuck and started to struggle, the LARGE spider within, felt the tremors on its web and ventured out to feed.

Fortunately for Tass, Oskar was close enough to cut the elf out of the strands. As they retreated back towards the entrance, the spider twice tried ensnaring the two of them with webbing fired from its abdomen! Back outside, Badger and Nosh were brought up to speed on the spider and the webbing. The gnome was eager to do battle, and wanted see “just what this big THING looks like!”

Cooler heads prevailed, and battle plan was formed. As a team, the group entered into the cave. The web was of course till there, but the spider was nowhere to be seen. While taking a good look at the web, the group noticed a humanoid sized figure, cocooned up in the web. Nosh, decided to climb up and cut it down, to try and save whatever was enshrouded. A good plan, but Nosh lost her balance while trying to slice the webbing away from the cocoon. This caused her to fall into the web strands, trapping the half-elf. As she struggled, her vibrations attracted the huge spider! With gaping fangs filled with dripping ichor and poison, the spider advanced on the helpless half-elf!

Oskar fired a bolt from his light crossbow, striking the spider but not driving it away. It continued to advanced, on the horrified Nosh. And then, it fell suddenly fell asleep. Badger, shouting in triumph, had dropped a Sleep spell on it! “HURRY!” he cried, “we don’t have much time!” Tass lept into action, while Oskar kept the spider covered with his crossbow. The elf had some issues making the climb, but between his skill and Nosh working an arm free, they could free the stuck half-elf as well as cut down the cocoon.

Just in time it would seem, for the spider “blinked” awake, and started to move! Badger wasted no time, and summoned a bolt of fire! It streaked towards the spider, striking it and causing severe injuries! Within moments, it curled up dead. JUST to be sure, he shot another bolt of fire into the carcass, but the spider remained unmoving.

Within the strands of the cocoon, the body of Minzi was found. Thankfully, still alive!

And here, is when this part of the adventure, concluded.

Welcome to the campaign!

Situated on the flood plains of the Delimbiyr and built against the side of a low hill, Daggerford is a small community dominated by the small castle of the local duke. The city is sparsely inhabited but strategically located where the Trade Way crosses the Delimbiyr River on the north side of the ford.

This self-styled city is a town of about 800 folk. The town is the largest stop on the Trade Way between Waterdeep and Baldur’s Gate. It is home to human craftsmen, a few halflings, and a handful of folk of other races.

There are about 20 farming hamlets within a day’s walk of Daggerford (15-20 miles), each of which is home to around five families. Each hamlet has a fortified building where the residents retreat in case of raids. There are also isolated farms and a few estates of minor nobility. In all, about 1,200 people depend on the Daggerford market for goods they can’t make themselves.

Daggerford lies approximately one hundred twenty miles southeast of Waterdeep and forty miles from the Sword Coast. To the north grows the Ardeep Forest and the Misty Forest sprawls to the east. Beyond lies the High Moor, a desolate land overlooked by dreaded Dragonspear Castle. Not far to the west lies the Lizard Marsh, a dangerous stretch of swampland where the River Delimbiyr empties into the ocean. The nearest settlements include the City of Splendors itself, Waterdeep, as well as small towns such as Secomber and Red Larch. Far to the southwest (approximately three hundred sixty miles) stands Baldur’s Gate, and beyond it (approximately five hundred miles) stands the great library of the Realms, Candlekeep.


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