Forgotten Realms : 1484 The Year of the Awakened Sleepers

Phandalin Arrival!

Out and about!

Once in Phandalin, Sildar took the party to the Stonehill Inn. The group took two rooms, while the old fighter took one. All, needed time to recover!

While relaxing in the common room, talk of the “Redbrands”, was the most common theme. It seemed they are local thugs (or more?), who the Townmaster Harbin Wester had no real plans to stand-up to! Conversations where also heard regarding Sister Garaele over at the Shrine of Luck returning wounded and exhausted, orcs rampaging east of the Triboar Trail and the townmaster looking for a way to stop it and Qelline Alderlef’s son Carp, being accosted by more Redbrands!

Naz and Flynn decided to take some time to just study, and relax in their room while Nosh, Gavin and Xavier went out and about to do some business.

First, the goods where returned to the Lionshield Coster, and the Master, Linene Graywin (a older human woman), negotiated the parties reward with Flynn. Satisfied, the group partied ways, but no before she warns the everyone, to stay away from the Sleeping Giant tap house!

They then decided to visit the Townmaster Wester over at the Townmasters Hall. Though pressed, he tells everyone that the Redbrands are really “just a mercenary group, and misunderstood”. He does offer the party a reward for clearing the orcs off of the Wyvern Tor.

Wanting to check in at the Shrine of Luck, they come upon the young half-elven lass Sister Garaele, and note her obvious condition. Concerned, they talk with the young acolyte, who confides that she needs help. It seems, she has been tasked by her order to secure a spellbook, penned by no other than the mage Bowgentle! The information she needs, is actually held by a banshee by the name of Agatha, who can be found outside of the ruins of Cornyberry. The three adventurers discuss this, and after some banter with the half-elf decide to assist her. Garaele gives them a jeweled silver comb, to help entice Agatha to tell them of the location.

Being rather early in the day, the three set-off, heading up the Triboar Trial, encountering nothing of importance and reach the ruins of Cornyberry. There, the find the old trail to the west, heading off into the forest. Soon after entering, the come upon three orcs, who don’t notice their presence. Instead of risking prolonged battle, Nosh sleeps the three who are then easily dispatched. Flynn feels guilty, but after finding a severed head in one of the orcs bags, contends with himself that these creatures, truly are evil!

The forest grew dark and the trail went deeper into the forest. Heavy vines and thick layers of moss draped the branches, and the air was noticeably colder than it was in the ruined village. The three then spied a dome of woven branches, in the shadows with a crude door leading in. Cooler heads prevailed, and no one entered the home.

A few moments later, the a shimmering form appeared before the party, smiling in cold amusement. The once beautiful elven maiden, scowled, then waited for the party to speak. Xavier went moved to address the banshee, but Nosh stepped between the two, asking a question and offering up the jeweled silver comb to Agatha. Agatha then says, “I traded the spellbook a necromancer named Tsernoth from Iriaebor more than one hundred years ago. I’m afraid, I cannot tell you anything more.”

She gazes once more at the party, giving a soft chuckle as she touches the side of Flynns hair, leaving the cleric with a white streak of hair. Agatha, with the comb in hand, then fades from view.

Nosh, Xavier and Flynn then make their way back through the forest, having no encounters and arrive back at Phandalin. The day is late when they return to the Shrine of Luck, but Sister Garaele is glad to see them and receive the information. She then thanks them, and grants them their reward.

With the sun setting, the three decided to head to The Sleeping Giant, just to “check things out”. Approaching, three men, wearing black cloaks with red trim are leaning against the buildings front walls. Immediately, they begin taunting the party. Telling them that should leave the town. That the dragonborn was created by two little lizards screwing and that Flynns goddess is a joke. Pretty much, the fight was on after that!

The bard fired her bow, striking one of the thugs! The door to the inn slammed open, and another Redbrand strolled out and joined the fray! Four on three, but the party gave it to their foes but good! In the end, though all where wounded, all four of the Redbrands were slain. They put on their cloaks, dragged the bodies around behind the building, then entered the Giant.

A surly dwarven female eyed them suspiciously, but still served them drinks. Grista spit into a mug she was cleaning, told the three that “wearing those cloaks is a death sentence”, and told them to stay low. Flynn found that the dwarf knew little of the Redbrands, but was able to gain from the dwarf the possible location of their lair. The dwarf, told them to look into the ruins of Tresender Manor, located at the edge of town.

It was dark when the group arrived at the outer locked gate. Peeking through, it was obvious the manor was in shambles. The roof was collapsed. Windows broken with walls crumbling. Flynn, being tired, hurt and just needing a good rest, suggested that the three return to the Stone Hill Inn to recover.

It was agreed… with the three retiring for the night.



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