Forgotten Realms : 1484 The Year of the Awakened Sleepers

Trouble at Tymoras Fist

Things that go BUMP in the night...

Trouble at Tymoras Fist

Tymoras Fist is the place to be in the Delve, for great music and well priced drinks. Though, “the Fist”, is more of a true tavern than a inn. For those needing an inexpensive place to stay during the night, a comfortable communal loft is available. The tavern is run by a retired cleric of Tymora, “Marvelous” Mack, who was blessed by his goddess while delving in a dragons lair. After that adventure, he decided to retire to the Delve. When pressed, Mack gives few details on the entire episode.

But Mack was concerned, at late at night for the past few weeks, had been hearing odd sounds throughout the common area of the Fist. Maybe moans? Chains rattling? Odd sounds? He could no immediate evil, haunts, ghost or general "nastiness’ within his tavern, but had long learned, better to be more safe, than sorry. He decided, to hire out some local sell swords and magic slingers.

So the intrepid band of adventurers, made up of Nazzur, Noshdalynn and Tass, were asked to “check things out around the place” by Mack. For some extra “nastiness” if combat was found, wee-gnome by the name of Tana “Ferret” of Clan Gillush, was also invited to tag along.

It was decided that the common room should be extensively searched, and so it was done by the party. The elf Tass was pleased to discover loose bring in the back of the fire place, which he deftly removed but was saddened that nothing of interest was found in the hole! But, Nosh found a secret, long forgotten as well as the triggering mechanism to open it! It looked to be, a rather well crafted part of a secret door! Alas, in her excitement to open said panel to release the door, she triggered a old needle trap! Thankfully, the poison had lost much of its potency, but it still managed to sicken the bard, knocking her unconscious!

At first, amongst the pandemonium and chaos of the bard going doing (slight frothing at the mouth), no one could think of how best to help her. But, it was realized that berries harvested during a previous adventure, had special properties which would neutralize the poison. The berries were applied, and the bard, awoke. She healed-up by potions, and the party moved through the door.

Beyond the taproom, through the much secret door, the party entered into a dank, dark, musty smelling, long forgotten chamber. The room, held a few surprises… The first, were survivors of a caravan who had secretly been brought into the Delve! All were found chained in old alcoves, with their arms above their heads. Thinking to show the party her prowess with weapons, Tana flung her gnomish Manriki-quasari at the first prisoners chains. Unfortunately, her throw was off. Way off. And the weapon struck the helpless prisoner across his chest, nearly killing him! Eyes wide with fear but gagged and unable to talk, he poor soul struggled to avoid another attack, with the deep wound oozing blood done the front of his body. Tass intervened, and attempted to pick the manacle locks. Failing miserably, his lock-picks broke while attempting the deed. Surprising everyone, Nosh picked the manacle with her dagger. The prisoner, dropped to the floor weeping….

The second prisoner found, was also chained in a alcove. Once more Tana attempted to user her weapon to free the prisoner from his bonds, and once more she missed and struck the captive. Deciding to stop while she was ahead, the half-orc Nazur stepped up, and using his strength, managed to break the shackles with his bare hands! The final prisoner, an elf, with eyes wide started to plead with Tana to not use her weapon to try and free him! Once more, the 1/2 orc was easily able to use his strength to free the elf.

Nosh took the two freed captives back to the taproom, making sure they were safe and secure, while the elf introduced himself as the ranger Kelendor Savano, who was tasked with escorting the small caravan. He informed the group that mages used spells to subdue the other guards, while using clubs to finally subdue him. Borrowing a sword from Tass, both elves moved around the corner to see what would come next.

Three giant centipedes moved to attack, but the two elves easily dispatched the pests. By now, Nosh rejoined the party and the group moved to explore the forgotten chambers beneath the tavern.

It did not go well.

Proceeding through the first part of the area, the group stumbled upon a group of men wearing black cloaks with red piping, who quickly sprung to attack. The fight was fast an furious, with the party easily overcoming their foes. In a home off this chamber, the elf Kel found his gear, along with some other crates from the caravan. Feeling somewhat more “himself”, the elf moved to the front of the party.

While Kel was donning gear, Naz and Nosh moved down a flight of stone stairs to investigate. Unfortunately, when they reached the bottom of the steps, the floor gave away, dropping them into a 20 foot pit! The walls, smooth and un-climbable. In the center of the floor was a small, round hole. The other members of the party, heard the commotion, and carefully made their way down the stairs and saw the challenge. Which, grew more severe as a greenish, chlorine type-mist started billowing out of the hole.

Panic ensued, and it was finally decided to drop a rope down into the pit to assist Naz and Nosh. The two, escaped the pit before the chlorine could cause them any harm.

The party battled another group of brigands, slaying all but one, whom they tied-up. They then found a crate of black cloaks with red piping, donning them to allow them to move, hopefully, “incognito” throughout the lair. A door was found, locked, and Tass attempted to open the door.


Magical runes exploded in the elfs face, severely injuring, but not killing or knocking him unconscious. The elf, had no good way to try and deal with the door. The runes. BUT, he felt he had to give it one more try! Possibly, once the runes were triggered, the door could be open. Tass attempted to open the door, once more.


Once more, the rune exploded, dropping the elf to the floor! The group decided enough was enough! They healed-up Tass as best as possible, getting him back to consciousness. Exploring for just a bit longer, stairs leading up and out were found. It was decided that the group would exit, take a rest and figure things out.

A large grate was blocking the exit, at the top of the stairs. The half-orc Naz reached up with one hand, and easily broke the lock, allowing the party to exit.

Upon exiting, the group saw this grate was next to impossible to see even standing close to it! The grate was amongst various size stones and boulders, flush on the ground, plus surrounded by tough thorns and thickets. The group moved back to the tavern, but most failed to notice that Tana, decided to "sneak’ back down to take care of the prisoner they had left tied-up after the last fight.

An hour or so passed by as the group recovered, Tana did not return….

The adventure ended for the night.


And that part of the adventure was …. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trouble at Tymoras Fist

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