Forgotten Realms : 1484 The Year of the Awakened Sleepers

Trouble at Tymoras Fist, Day Two!


Trouble at Tymoras Fist, Day Two!

Marvelous Mack is concerned, greatly so, when the group updates him a few hours later regarding the going-ons, beneath his beloved tavern!! He tells the party that “I have no time for this, my patrons and the Delve must be protected, get down there and clean those halls out!” To sweeten the pot… he also tossed in gold. Which, is always a motivator….

Just as the party was trying to figure out what EXACTLY happened to Tana, a wee-little gnome burst in, shouting for his sister, and demanding answers! He was raving about “dreams of this”, and "I saw that 1/2 orc in THAT’, plus “WHO has SEEN my SISTER!?”.

Naz restrained himself from smushing the gnome, jerked his thumb towards the door, and muttered “follow us, we go this way.” The gnome Wrenn, decided at this time not to fire up the big 1/2 orc, and followed the party out.

Approaching the grate across the ground once more, the party discovers a new chain and padlock, had been placed. Tass easily picks the lock, and the elf Kel wraps up the 6’ piece of chain, dropping it into his adventure pack. Ready for WHATEVER, the group descends.

Huddled about the base of the stairs, Kel spots something out of place. A bottle, sitting atop a small stool with a sign which reads, “drink me.” A murmuring of various discussions breaks out, specifically should someone drink it? Cooler heads decide it’s probably not for the best, but Kel does drop the bottle into his pouch.

The first door the party opens to explore, leads to a horrifying discovery. The undead, zombie body of Tana lurches forward to attack the party! It’s obvious to all her throat was cut, and her death gruesome. Wrenn, wails and screams at the party to not harm her! Unaware, that there is no saving his dead sister Tana. Quickly, zombie Tana is cut down by the group. During the battle, Wrenn happened to set a few crates on fire, with his bolts of flame spells, causing much smoke, but little fire. On the way out of the room, Kel spikes to door, just to keep things honest!

While the party is deciding how best to raise and then move through a portcullis, Wrenn wanders away from the group and down a side passage.

A loud, “CLANG”, “THUNK” and “AHHHHHHHH” is heard, then silence from the passage Wren walked down. Responding cautiously, they find that the gnome had fallen into a pit trap, with the floor lined with spikes. Wrenn, was unmoving, and dying. Kel used a rope to get down to the gnome, and once he was rescued, Nosh healed him up. The party decided at that time to not keep splitting-up, a safety in numbers thing.

Heading back to the portcullis, the party moved into an large room, broken up by small cells, or possibly stalls along the walls. Thankfully, they were not surprised as giant beetles (about the size of a pony), crawled toward them with giant pincers! Tass was a wee-bit traumatized by the sight, recalling a run-in with a giant crab which went poorly for him, but he pulled through and leaped to attack! As a matter-of-face, everyone jumped on the nasty big beetles, slaying them with only minimal wounds to the group. Kel had a thought, and took time to cut of the beetles caprice, to possibly forge into some kind of armor down the road. While he was doing his cutting, the group moved into a large room behind, with a large ceiling above. Exploring through, stone doors were found at the far end, with a balcony roughly ten fee above, overlooking the chamber.

Everyone fell back as Kel finished up, and turned to re-enter the large room. Imagine the groups surprise, as two giant spiders, descended from above and attacked as they walked through the door! Spider ichor is spilled, poison is spit, blood splatters and the group wipes out the two creatures!

As soon as the adventuring party clears the doorway entering the vast chamber, the stone doors on the far side bang open, and a hoard of zombies emerge, stumbling towards the group!! Swords are drawn, harmonicas put away, spells are slung and rotting body parts are severed! Maybe not in that order, but the fight is brutal! ADD to this, a nasty spell caster appears on the stone balcony above, and and begins to cast a spell of possible death, mayhem an destruction!

Nosh hits him with an arrow disrupting the caster, and the combat becomes fast and furious! Wrenn makes his way to the balcony to engage the spell tosser, while the remainder of the party fights the undead! Nosh, armed with a dagger which seems to do extra damage to these creatures, wades in and starts stabbing! Kel the Ranger, engaged by two, attempts to swing his chain in a wide arc (the one recovered from the grate), to entwine his foes! Naz casts a few druids spells, and while spectacular, miss the enemy spell caster. So, he decides to stop fooling around, and transforms himself into a dire wolf! He then leaps across the battlefield and UP onto the balcony! Tass, never one to fear the undead, nimbly darts about the area lunging and slashing with his blades.

Wrenn the Sorcerer, who rather enjoys fire spells, alters the battle using, Tides of Chaos, which now may cause his spells to possibly go wild! His spell goes off, damaging the foe just as Naz lands and promptly bites the enemies head clean off!!! The head flies across the balcony, while Wrenn blows a wild surge which now enables Naz to fly!

Down on the main floor, Kel succeeds in wrapping the chain around the two zombies, and then PULLS them to floor!!!! Literally flying off the balcony, Naz, gets back into the lower floor battle slaying a zombie, Nosh kills another, while Wren casts a spell which goes wild! A column of fire erupts AROUND the gnome! When the fire dies down and smoke clears, all that can be seen is his crumpled form, and the smell of burnt gnome hair filling the air.

The final two zombies, being prone and wrapped in the chain are quickly dispatched, with the bard racing quickly to the dying Wrenn, administering potions of healing. The gnome, missing eyebrows, survived!

The party, though battered, is victorious after the zombie melee! A quick search of the room the creatures poured forth from has little in it, but on the body of the dead spell user, a note is found! Within the letter, it is said that the cult must flee the grounds as quickly as possible, taking those who they can for slaves. They were to report to someone named Glasstaff, found in a small hamlet just outside of Leilon, southeast of Neverwinter.

Smiling, except for Wrenn because of the death of his sister, the group made their way back through the complex, re-locking the grate and reporting to Mack all of what happened. Mack, immediately concerned, contacted Dovetail, to see just what needed to be done next.

Probably, a journey to Phandelver.



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